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SuperRepo.org is worlds largest XBMC addon repository containing no less than 1.300 addons!

Using a meta-repository addon

Once installed, this meta-repository will enable you to install only those sub-repositories you really need. Unlike the Standard edition, the Non-Adult version does not list the Adult subrepository as an option.





PrismCube Softcam 0.1.33

For Software ver. 1.2.0 and higher.


- after update software is internal smart card and sh***ng function working

How to uninstall old softcam addon:

1. in XBMC/Programs press "OK" button on softcam addon and than press "OK" button on "stop"
2. press "OK" button on "remove"
3. press "back" button, than press "OK" button on "Program Add-ons" and press "i" button on softcam
4. choose Add-on Information
5. choose Uninstall, after that follow next procedure for installation new softcam

How to install new softcam addon:

1. copy "plugin.program.softcam_0.1.x.zip" on USB
2. connect USB to Prismcube
3. go to XBMC part to System - Addons - Install addons from zip archive
4. than go to Programs - softcam and start it. You can choose oscam or mgcamd.

Config files you can find via FTP connection:

- for oscam in /config/tuxbox/config/
- for mgcamd in /config/keys/




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Some stuff here... ;)

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