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Latest Enigma2 for Topfield 77x0

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TeamDucktales Enigma2 Topfield 7700 HD-PVR

Neues Topfield Image für Topfield TF 7700 HD PVR,ok but read description


In der grossen weiten Welt des WWW gefunden.

Team Ducktales' Enigma2 image for the TF7700HDPVR #

The provided image is based on the Linux operating system and includes the Enigma2 PVR application. Please read this document carefully before installing the image.

Unsupported features and known problems :

- CAM slots are not supported yet.

- The only supported tuner type is DVB-S2 CX24116/CX24118.

- Timeshift does not work yet.

- Rewind does not work properly. Sometimes enigma2 freezes when rewinding. "Jump back" can be used instead (see playback keys).

- Samsung LCD TVs will probably have problems with the default resolution 576i.

- There might be no video on the FIRST (!) start after installation - reboot the box.


The software is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind.

Please consider that you may lose manufacturer's warranty when installing this image.

This is an alpha image. That is some functions may not be available or be buggy (causing crashes/freezes or loss of data).

The installation of the Enigma2 image formats (ext2) the internal harddrive. ALL FILES ON THE HARDDRIVE WILL BE LOST.

Installation instructions:

You will need either a USB stick or a USB harddrive with FAT32 filesystem.

- Copy the files Enigma_Installer.tfd, uImage and rootfs.tar.gz to the USB device.

- Attach the drive to the USB slot.

- Open the Topfield firmware update menu and select the image file Enigma_Installer.tfd on the USB drive.

- Start the firmware update from USB.

- After about 6-7 minutes the installation should be finished.


During the installation the VFD shows the current installation step and error messages (if any):

"9 USB STCK" mouting USB stick"8 HDD PART" partitioning HDD"7 HDD FMT" formatting HDD (root fs)"6 HDD FMT" formatting HDD (data fs)"5 HDD SWAP" creating swap"4 ROOT FS" installing root file system"3 LOADER" flashing U-Boot settings"2 KERNEL" flashing kernel"1 FSCK" checking file system"0 REBOOT" rebooting within 2 seconds

It is recommended to attach a cable to the serial port and log the output in a

terminal program (e.g. TeraTerm) during the installation and the first start.

The USB filesystem should be writable to prevent infinite installation loop. (The file uImage is renamed to avoid the infinite loop.)

The first start usually takes approximately 3 minutes due to creation of device nodes.

Enigma2 can be removed by flashing a regular Topfield firmware image using standard tools like TFD-Down or VegaPack.

First start:

On the first start the Enigma2 interactively configures the video output to be

used. The following options are available:

- Component


- Scart


Each connection type is switched on for 30 seconds. The VFD displays the connection type which is currently active. You can either wait until the connection type you want is displayed and your TV shows a picture or you can select the connection type with Up and Down buttons on the remote control.

Confirm the desired connection type with the Ok button. After that you can proceed with the configuration supported by the configuration wizard.

The image contains a default channel table. If you want to replace it You can perform a channel scan later.

Network configuration:

The U-Boot settings contain the following configuration by default:

MAC address 00:3e:9e:11:22:33

IP address

That is after booting the image you can login via telnet if your computer is in the same subnet.

These values are set up by the U-Boot. You can temporarily change the values in Enigma2 menu "Settings/System/Network.../Adapter settings" or change the U-Boot parameters.

Default U-Boot bootargs:

ba1=console=ttyAS0,115200 root=/dev/sda1 rw init=/bin/devinit ip= .0:tf7700:eth0ff nwhwconf=device:eth0,hwaddr:00:3e:9e:11:22:33mem=128m bigphysarea=4000 coprocessor_mem=4m@0x10000000,4m@0x10400000

To change the IP addresses interrupt the U-Boot countdown and execute the

following command with replaced IP addresses:

TF7700> set ba1 'console=ttyAS0,115200 root=/dev/sda1 rw init=/bin/devinit ip=<own IP>:<server IP>:<DNS IP>: nwhwconf=device:eth0,hwaddr:00:3e:9e:11:22:33mem=128m bigphysarea=4000 coprocessor_mem=4m@0x10000000,4m@0x10400000'

Please note that the setting has to be split in two lines to bypass the limitation of U-Boot. The second line must start with a white space. The string is enclosed in single quotes. Any change is temporary unless the settings are saved to flash using the command "saveenv". Before savingsettings to flash you should test whether the kernel boots with your settings.

Enter "boot" at the U-Boot prompt to start the kernel. (After testing the settings without saving them you will have to enter your changes again.)

Playback keys :

Play - shows the file list

Yellow - pause/unpause playback

Green - continue playback

Red - jump to the beginning

Blue - jump to the next bookmark

1/3 jump 15 seconds backwards/forwads (configurable in the settings menu)

4/6 jump 60 seconds backwards/forwads (configurable in the settings menu)

7/9 jump 5 minutes backwards/forwads (configurable in the settings menu)

Full key map can be found in the file



Team Ducktales

Download im Minicat.TV-Board:

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Enigma2 CIe2T Topfield 7700/7710 "MOD 2.0"

Modified E2 by CroTeam CIe2T

based "Team Ducktales"(Release 0.3.0 )

The provided image is based on the Linux operating system and includes

the Enigma2 PVR application. Please read "ReleaseNotesTF7700" document carefully before

installing the image.

- added blue panel

- added Mbox.emu

- fixed some bugs

- for HDPVR models (not confirmed for HSCI)

Download im Minicat.TV-Board:

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TDT release 0.4.0 for the TF7700HDPVR

Team Ducktales' Enigma2 image for the TF7700HDPVR

Release 0.4.0

New features and bugfixes (since 0.3.2)


+ Feature: o added an extended version of TopfieldVFD plugin to

adjust VFD settings and to control additional icons

o added displaying clock and Ethernet activity

o added displaying MP3 tags

+ Feature: added handling for "auto" afterEvent in recording timer(deepstandby after recording if woken up by a timer)

+ Feature: recognition and playback of files with the extension .rec

+ Change: reduced the guard time for shutdown prior to timer events from 360 to 60 seconds (i. e. the box can be shut down up to 60 seconds before next recording)

+ Change: reduced the wakeup guard time from 300 to 60 seconds (i.e. the box wakes up 60 seconds before next recording)

+ Change: moved mounting /dev/sda3 from rcS to fstab

+ Fix: improved the CAM detection

+ Fix: fixed the U-Boot handling of FAT32, now high-capacity USB sticks should be read properly

+ Fix: fixed the issue with the MP3 playlist

+ Fix: re-added the fix to display the Dolby icon on VFD correctly

+ Fix: changed mount options to allow HDD idle without intermittent wakeups

+ Fix: removed duplicate entries in /etc/fstab

+ Fix: fixed AVI audio track selection

+ Fix: fixed playback of AVI files with 23.976fps/24.976fps/29.976fps

+ Fix: re-added the workaround to fix the issue with stopping playback while it is paused

Download im Minicat.TV-Board:

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