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TS Panel 5.8

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Geschrieben 30 Mai 2012 - 08:33

TSpanel 5.8

The first plugin installed after flashing of new image in more than 80% 0f dreambox users
TSpanel is online shop for enigma2 softwares and containing more than 6000 addons
Also include more than 16 tools to cover the basic needs of users of enigma2 box

Eingefügtes Bild
Eingefügtes Bild
Eingefügtes Bild

-rearrangement of icons and more tools renamed to tools-2
-improvement of addons search function and virtualkeyboard added to put search text
-improvement of cron manager with added more scripts for daemon cron jobs
-fixe minor bugs in previous versions

1- By update from previous versions
2- from any TSpanel servers
3- Send the attached ipk(after unrar) to dreambox /tmp directory
and install it from file explorer of current TSpanel or enter the following command in telnet software(e.g dcc)

opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/enigma2-plugin-extensions-tspanel_5.8_mipsel.ipk
few examples of what can be done by TSpanel

search through openpli server for plugin or any addon

select openpli feeds

Eingefügtes Bild

enter search text

Eingefügtes Bild

also you can follow rss news from openpli

have fun
mfaraj57 -5/2012

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